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Zaporizhzhya                                                                                 ______________20__.

The Company JURRESURS Ltd., in the person of the director ___________________________________________, acting according to the Charter, hereinafter referred to as the Executor representing one party and
________________________________________________________________________________, in the person of__________________________________________________________ acting according to the _______________________, hereinafter referred to as the Client representing the other party concluded the present contract on the following:

                                                1. Subject of the Contract
1.1. Executor's law support to a Client in extent and order stipulated in the present Contract is the subject of the Contract.
1.2. According to the present Contract the Executor renders law support, and the Client accepts the rendered law support and pays for it in time.
1.3.The Client as a juridical person, represented by a director and persons approved by the Parties in "The Report of authorized contact persons' agreement" from the Clients side is the bearer of rights and duties, protected and represented by the Executor at rendering law support.

                                                2. Size and kinds of law support
2.1. The Executor controls economic contracts, concluded by the Client, conformity to norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.
2.2. The Executor can render law support to the Client on the most important and complicated legal issues and problems arising at Clients authorized activity realization.
It can include the following kinds of law support:
- negotiations and their preparation and/or representation of Clients interests in state structures, establishments, and also in other organizations, companies, associations of any pattern of ownership, including foreign;
- law support of financial services and transactions providing those services, and also operations with securities, derivative securities, and other operations on the Clients corporate rights purchasing and alienation;
- prejudicial settlement of moot cases if another thing will not be stipulated in additional contracts;
written and verbal consultations and explanations on different branches of the legislation of Ukraine and foreign countries;
- elaboration and drafting documents for the Clients treaties, agreements, contracts and reports with strangers;
- the conformity of the current documentation to the current legislation of Ukraine control;
- written legal opinions' drafting on organization of different contractual and legal layouts of the Customer's economic and commercial activity.
2.3 Aforesaid kinds of law support can be changed and supplied by the Parties in additional agreements.
2.4. The Executor renders aforesaid kinds of law support in extent determined by the Clients orders, where the Client entrusts the Executor to render certain law support.
2.5. Documentation on the present Contract law support is accepted in deposit by the Executor, who opens the Clients file. This information should be returned on the Clients first request if the other order is not stipulated by the Parties.

                                                3. The present Contract order of law support
3.1. Law support is rendered according to the properly processed Client's order.
3.2. The law support order should contain the following document entries:
- date of drawing up;
- Client's source number (current issue);
- specifically and unambiguously stated detailed list of the concerned matters;
- terms of order implementation, preliminarily agreed by the Parties;
- the authorized contact person's signature.
3.3. The order can be directed to the Executor by mail, fax, e-mail, mentioned in the present Contract or it can be delivered directly to the Executor's address by the courier.
3.4. The Executor renders law support in time, agreed by the Parties. This timing of an order should be practicable and should not differ too much from rendering law support terms, accepted in legal practice. The Executor can render law support before the order term at present ability.
3.5.If order implementation requires the Client to produce any documents and/or additional information, the Executor notifies the Client's authorized contact person. Agreed terms of law support can be reserved according to the terms of Clients producing necessary for order implementation information and documents.
3.6. If order implementation requires the Client to be properly represented before the strangers, the last one authorizes an agreed by the Parties person with the corresponding procuration.

                                                4. Authorized contact persons
4.1. Within the limits of the present Contract Parties appoint authorized contact persons for all law support contacts.
4.2. Only authorized contact persons can transfer documentation or information of the present Contract.
4.3. The Executor has a right to refuse to implement a certain Client's order if:
1) the terms of order implementation are not agreed provisionally;
2) the Client didn't remunerate the rendered law support properly and the Client doesn't meet other obligations;
3) the Client doesn't tender necessary for order implementation information and documents;
4) the Client insists on obtaining a result, impossible to obtain in view of newly revealed circumstances;
5) orders' implementation is impossible because of the Client's actions, contravening the recommendations;
6) the Client commits touching the gist of an order actions, breaking the current legislation, and refusing to stop, despite of the Executor's explanations;
7) the Client uses rendered by the Executor law support to facilitate perpetration of crime;
8) the Client roughly violates assumed according to the law support rendering agreement obligations;
9) the Client commits disgracing Executor's honour, and dignity and business reputation actions.

                                                5. Remuneration on the present Contract (fee)
5.1. The amount of fee and other payments on the present Contract is noted without the VAT.
5.2. The fee is paid by transfer of funds to the Executor's settlement account
5.3. The services given in compliance with the Client's orders are paid according to the exposed bills within five days from the date of signing the transfer act of the performed work.
5.4. The Client assumes an obligation to recoup additionally the Executor's following costs (in case they appear), connected with rendering law support under the present Contract:
- cost of notarial acts;
- State Taxes, dues and fees and compulsory payments;
- charges on carrying out necessary expertises and transferences,
- Executor's transport and travelling charges connected with the Client's order implementation.
The Executor's foregoing charges are completely compensated to him on the basis of the given bills with apographs (copies of documents) confirming the charges, within 10 days from the moment of bills' draw.
5.5. All payments between the Parties under the present Contract are fulfilled in national currency of Ukraine.

                                                 6. The order law support delivery - reception
6.1. Under the present Contract law support is processed by the corresponding bilateral Act of delivery - reception of the performed work. Acts are signed by the Parties not later than 5 (five) days of the next calendar month.
6.2. If the Client refuses to sign the stated act, and also if it is not signed for any other reasons the Client has to present the Executor an official claim within 5 (five) days with full and reasoned explanation of the reasons of not signing the corresponding Act. If the stated claim is not presented in time the Parties consider law support promptly rendered by the Executor and accepted by the Client in stipulated extent and quality. According to this the Client assumes an obligation on duly payment of the rendered law support.
6.3. If the stated properly completed claim is presented in time the Executor has to examine arguments and reasons of not signing the Act advanced by the Client within 3 (three) days and to determine the order of their elimination.
6.4. The client has no right to decline law support and to sign the corresponding Act of delivery - reception of the performed work if he doesn't need law support any more.
6.5. The Client has no right to assert a claim to the Executor concerning the rendered law support on the basis of the Client's disagreement with the Executor's legal position.

                                                7. Parties' obligations
7.1. The Parties undertake to meet the conditions of the present Contract bona fide.
7.2. Apart from the obligations implied by conditions of the present Contract, the Executor undertakes:
7.2.1. To render in time law support to the Client on the basis of orders;
7.2.2. To inform the Client in time and in corpore on possible negative consequences for the Client known to the Executor of those or other Client's or strangers' actions;
7.2.3. To inform the Client of the circumstances that preclude implementing accepted order properly;
7.2.4. The Executor undertakes to meet conditions of confidentiality under this Contract, and also to inform the Client of contradictions of interests accrual in relations with the Client in time.
7.3. Apart from the obligations implied by conditions of the present Contract, the Client undertakes:
7.3.1. To afford the Executor written, properly completed orders;
7.3.2. To respect Executor's recommendations;
7.3.3. To accept and to pay completely (to compensate) Executor's rendered law support (the applied cost);
7.3.4. To coordinate preliminarily terms of law support order implementation with the Executor;
7.3.5. To sign corresponding Acts of delivery - reception of the performed work in time;
7.3.6. To afford full and reliable information and documents necessary for successful Client's order implementation on the first Executors request in time;
7.3.7. To carry out preliminary actions necessary for successful order implementation by the Executor in time, including refund of charges to the Executor on State Tax payment, signing Letters of Attorney by persons appointed by the Executor, etc.;
7.3.8. To retain confidentiality of any information receiving from the Executor, and also to take all possible measures to protect the received information from dissemination,
7.3.9. To assist the Executor in order implementation by all measures.

                                                8. The Parties' responsibility under the present Contract
8.1. Parties respond according to the current legislation of Ukraine in case of impairment or improper fulfilling of obligations under the present Contract.
8.2. The Client pays the Executor a mulct at a rate of 0, 5 % from the sum of delinquent payment for every day of delinquency in case of delayed payment of law support under the present Contract.

                                                9. Confidentiality
9.1. The Parties of the present Contract undertake to keep strict confidentiality of any legal, commercial, technical and financial information received from the other Party during validity of the Contract after its termination.
9.2. The Parties take all possible measures to protect the received information from dissemination, including former and present employees of the Parties. The transferring Party affords the receiving Party confidential information only with a view of using it according to conditions of the present Contract.
9.3. The Party transferring confidential information in any form, responds for precision and completeness of such information and documentation or for the consequences following from its usage by the receiving Party.

                                                10. Term of validity of the Contract
10.1. The present Contract inures since the date of its signing by the Parties and prevails till ______________ 20__.

                                                11. Final provisions
11.1. If any contradictions appear between the Parties at the present Contract implementation, such contradictions should be adjusted between the Parties by negotiations. If the Parties can't reach understanding at moot cases, such disputes are subject to investigation in court in the order stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.
11.2. Relations that can't be adjusted by the present Contract are adjusted by the current legislation of Ukraine, and also by the present Contract Additional agreements.
11.3. All changes, additions and applications of the present Contract should be written and signed by the authorized representatives of the Parties.
11.4. The present Contract is drawn in duplicate, equally operating, one copy for a party.

                                                 12. Requisites and signatures of the Parties

The Company Jurresurs Ltd.
Tbilisskaya Street, 9-26, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, 69001
settlement account 26003055897235 in Zaporizhzhya Regional Administration of commercial bank "Privatbank"
BIC 313399, SPREOU(The Single Public Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine) 33050734
telephone/fax 8(061)224-02-46
cell phone +38067-97-511-97 (lawyer)



Our address: Tbilisskaya Street, 9-26, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, 69001.

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