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Legal consultations online
You have an opportunity to inquire a question to our lawyers and to get a qualified answer.
To receive a free consultation you need to fill the form of request
An answer on your question will appear on our site this very day.

User's service and support of enterprises and organizations activity online
You have an opportunity to conclude a treaty with us on law support through the Internet.
The Contract allows to receive law support daily.
The minimum cost of law consultations is 500 UAH per month depending on extent and complication of services.

    Legal services

    • Verbal and written consultations on the current legislation of Ukraine.
    • Representation of interests in the common law and in the economic courts.
    • Criminal cases (lawyer's services).
    • Remedial documents' preparation.
    • Contract legal duties.
    • The help with conclusion of authorization.
    • Complex legal service of enterprises, organizations and physical persons.

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Links on sites of Ukrainian legislation:

www.rada.kiev.ua -The official site of the Verhovna Rada (Supreme Council) of Ukraine (legislative enactments)
www.nau.com.ua - Statutory acts of Ukraine
www.legality.kiev.ua - Institution of legislation problems (legislative proposals)
www.taxes.kiev.ua - The draft of Internal Revenue Code (the draft of Ukrainian Verhovna Rada deputies)
www.arbitr.gov.ua - The Supreme Arbitration Tribunal of Ukraine
www.whoiswho.com.ua - Who is who. Official Ukraine